After My first progress review with Julian one of the things that he suggested was for me to go to the Kisokafé in Paddington. There they have a good selection of individual magazines of all gentre and from across the world.


Today I went to vusit the kisokafé and found it really interesting. They had a really good sleection of magazines and I could have bought so many of them, however I told myskef that because of the cost I was going to limit myself to one and then take note of others that I liked for references and also for the future when I might what to buy some of them.

These were some of the magazines that caught my eye:

However my favorite and the one that I bought was, Hello Mr.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 21.44.40.png

It is the first magazine/catalogue that is similar to what I am looking at and is very well put together. It will server as a very good rescourse for my project.


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