For both of the projects we are having really good communication as a group first of all we all have a WhatsApp chat as a group to communicate on the go. we have also set up a trello group as well online using that site. We have pages for both of the projects It helps … More Communication

Christmas Task

Over Christmas our task was to Photography a market and really engage with the atmosphere of it through our photography. I chose to photograph Leadenhall Market which is a beautiful Victoria covered market in the city. The old elegant victorian architecture contrasts well against the new modern city buildings. This is my favorite market in … More Christmas Task


Throughout out my photography career I have always done this but I thought that I would post this update about my photography scrapbook. Whenever I see an image that I like and that could be of inspiration to me I try to capture it in any way I can, whether this is by taking a … More Scrapbooking