Throughout out my photography career I have always done this but I thought that I would post this update about my photography scrapbook. Whenever I see an image that I like and that could be of inspiration to me I try to capture it in any way I can, whether this is by taking a … More Scrapbooking

Progress Review

This is a post to look at my progress so far and to assess what I can do to carry on making progress into the future developing my work, learning and skill set. Carry on doing carry on working on my Instagram scrapbooking pursue the work experience that I have been in contact with Jack … More Progress Review

Task 6 -Pro Organisations & Business Sectors

This weeks out of class work is set to this brief. THE ROLES OF THE AOP, RPS AND NUJ Association of Photographers – from the organisation itself, it defines itself as: “The Association of Photographers (AOP) is a not-for-profit member organisation representing commercial photographers, agents and assistants globally. Based in London (UK) the AOP supports … More Task 6 -Pro Organisations & Business Sectors