Our logo process

Step one: Planning   To begin with when sketching out the new logo I look at ways in which we could include other aspects of a logo that other companies use. It should have movement and maybe to indicate the movement south as is said in its name. It could also incorperate the rail logo … More Our logo process

Writing the Essay tips 11th Oct

Summerise your approach – social media, campaign Include the strategy that you adopted – brief, show research, show the development, show influences, what are others doing? how the experience has enhanced you communication – WhatsApp, trillo, pitch When social media goes bad: how a logo can be manipulated pepsi with their protest add associations Getting … More Writing the Essay tips 11th Oct

Southern App

Expanding into social media I thought that an app would be a great addition to expand and update the brand. It was triggered by the thought of the app AR plane finder which shows you which planes are going where and I thought this is a fun way that we could use for southern. This … More Southern App


For both of the projects we are having really good communication as a group first of all we all have a WhatsApp chat as a group to communicate on the go. we have also set up a trello group as well online using that site. We have pages for both of the projects It helps … More Communication