I have enjoyed this project from expected. Four is never really very confident confident with using Photo shop. I’d only really use of retouching skin really used it so composite images. However I can now say that I’m far more confident in creating a composite image. Although I must admit I would say that I’m … More Evaluation

Photoshoot of the cup

Taking the photographs of the cup was easy enough and it was able to do that with relitive ease using some small product studio lights in my bedroom. I had to consider well the shadows that could come off it and the reflections which could appear in the mug.

Inspiration from Art

In the breif it says to “Research should also broaden to include inspiration and influences both in outside of the world of photography. Look at and analyse fantastical works by photographers & artists such as Philippe Halsman, Hieronymus Bosch, Goya, M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. Investigate films with elaborate sets, fantastical characters and disturbing versions … More Inspiration from Art