Billboard Sketches

Here I have the sketches into the layouts of what I would like the advert to look like and how it would fit within the different crops. I have also given a lighting diagram for the setup I would like to use too,

Plan for Billboard

For my billbaord advert I am going to do the piece for Chappy for the valentines day advertisement. I want the advertisment to be fun and uplifting as many dread the though of valentines day and also this could be used for a national singles day advertisement. Here is the brief which shows that the … More Plan for Billboard

DGP Photo films – WK2

New area and is still forming name. montion photography/photofilms Examples: Digital OOH – out of house – not on TV – New Area House of Cards Heineken Bosch Fashion Films Beyond the glass Shoppable films Stock video Botttles Splendour News Special FX Paraliax Cinemapraphs – Cienamgrpaphs #2 Timelapes Film/Documentary Prs Films Talking heads 4 … More DGP Photo films – WK2

Work for Legend

Here is a summery of some of the work that I have been paid to do in event work for Legend, a company which I have perviously mentioned about working for. Twickenham Dinner – the dinner was in the England rugby changing rooms and also included drinks on the pitch. BT Tower Charity Dinner – … More Work for Legend