Researching and analyse the weekend supplements

UK Print You Magazine – The Daily Mail colour is used to enhance the mood of the clothing be feminin lots of movement within the images to give them life contrasting coloured backgrounds or colours on opposite sides of the colour spectrum to bring forward the clothing highlighed light on and around the clothing to … More Researching and analyse the weekend supplements


25% of degree disseratation prep template folder on interviews course specific reading lists – gender, feminism, identity, representation, sexuality rave harvard ref guide british journal of photography – lists current affairs in photography and industry news    

The Editorial Brief

Part 1 Research supliements – elements to look at rivals international electronic versons fashion brands – their look books find you own photographers – backup with a website find the photographers recognition exposure telegraph and the financial times mag – two of the strongest industry collaboration is key 4 optionsĀ  fashion food product portrait Thing … More The Editorial Brief