Will Mayrick DPS

I have enjoyed this project from expected. Four is never really very confident confident with using Photo shop. I’d only really use of retouching skin really used it so composite images. However I can now say that I’m far more confident in creating a composite image. Although I must admit I would say that I’m not 100% confident using photo shop and of course like anyone there are so many elements of its to learn. It is almost that there is so much to learn that you could never know it all. But for it pretty much being my first time using photo shop to make a composite image. I am really proud image is produced. I think it is really good I have followed the path made an image that followed the plans that I was trying to make.  Alex they would say me working on are the look of the flowers possibly. Particularly the front left orange one and the front left purple one the lighting isn’t quite right on them and if it I had time it would be something that I would change. Looking at it now I also think that I could and possibly some elements to the banks of the river. Possibly have some people stood on them awesome animals positioned around them to enhance a mythical world but could be going deep into the forest. I can add a few things possibly into the sky like birds or hot air balloon. But overall for a first attempt I feel it has gone pretty well.

I feel my planning and preparation work for this project helped me a lot to be able to achieve a successful project. By looking at quite a few creative artists all of which were different and looked at different styles of arts and had different creative ideas, helped to broaden my ideas. It made me realise elements that I’d like and elements that I don’t like and those helped draw inspiration of my work. I feel I’m a good sketch plans to visualise the ideas of those having. I made good mood boards on pinterest and examined work has already got been done for Lavazza and other brands like it such as Smirnoff.

I fell it is worked well as my original plan was to do with modern representation of Venus the goddess. I feel achieved this I use the kind of colours and pallets used by the great artists he painted her. And the model that I have chosen is fitting to represent her. She look soft and innocence, pure and untouched. I’m really proud of the way the reflections really help each object that has been putting the composite on top of the water looks as if it is actually there because of it. In the overall the image really does show what the brand is about with the coffee cup being the main focal point and is of the brand name and l and the brand name and logo across the front of it, sitting bold and being brought forwards with the blue of the writing contrasting the white of the cup.

The layout I have chosen works well for both the single and double page spreads. There is a focal point which can be narrowed down and so when made into a single page, not much is lost for the viewer if anything at all. One thing I would have to think about it was a double page spread is possibly where the fold was go in the centre of the two pages and this might abstracts the central focal point of the girl in the cup.

Finally I would just like to say but I feel this project has gone very well and I hope it is the first of many composite that I produce the work as well as this.





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