Photostory Evaluation

I feel this has been a really successful photo story and something that is really deeply emotional. I know the story really touches me. It is really hard to see the struggle that someone else has had when coming to terms with their sexuality. It is really upsetting to see how they feel opening up about it.

However, though it is really nice to see that although they are a little older than that average person to come to terms with it, they are making the most of life now and are trying to slowly progress into a better life from himself. They have big dreams and aspirations, goals set and some really positive things ahead of him. I know he should be really proud of what he has achieved so far, I know I definitely would be.

5 key components

  • the achievements so far in life
  • the struggles
  • coming out in the military
  • the effect of not coming out has had
  • how it feels now to be open

My presentation of the photobook

I feel the way that I have presented my photobook is really nice. The old RAF manual echoes what the whole project is about. The individual annotations which I have hand written to back up the images also I think is a really good personal touch. The whole thing is made in the style of a photo album which is very individual and personal. The print quality of them is very good and they way they have been stuck in by hand, cut to individual sizes and places in selected parts of the page is what makes the book special.

I feel the photographers that I have looked at for influence and those which I have taken influence from are really good stimuli. They have done very good projects themselves.

Meeting the assessment criteria.

Telling the story – I feel I have done this very well from not giving much away at the beginning of the photo story about what it might be about. Then it slowly develops and opens up more about the fact that the story is about sexuality and his struggles with it.  It then develops into a more complex spread of what areas he is not happy with but how he is encountering those hurdles and getting better.

Techniques to communicate across a range of media – I have communicated the story through a number of ways, through annotations and also through just the visual images themselves. I feel that sometimes just the look on someone’s face can show a lot more feeling than a thousand written words can.

Working to constraints – For parts of this it has been very difficult to arrange to meet to take the photographs and to be able to have access to areas where they can be taken. It has taken a bit of negotiation but I feel it has been successful. It is a very sensitive subject matter, so I have had to be very careful in the way I present it all.

Creative response – I feel the creative response that I have made has worked really well. I feel I have used a whole mix of styles of photographs in this project. From emotional portraits, to artifacts and product photography and also more landscape and architectural photographs.

Researched concepts and ideas – I feel I have done this very well through the book design. I looked at lots different concepts for book design. I wanted to make mine really individual and different to just a plain photo story, and I feel I have achieved that. I have also looked at differnt conectps and ideas to show the narritive too.

Overall I have really enjoyed making this photostory. It has been a really interesting journey of discovery and something that has also been quite emotional. But I am very pleased with the end result.





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