Evaluation – The Boss

For this brief I chose a really interesting subject matter which I feel gave me some really really good possibilities to make the photographs look very interesting. Although working with animals can be very difficult a collaboration to the photographs and thus have more creativity. Together photographers help me do this. They help plant ideas for what I might do. Because I chose to photograph the guide dogs for the blind they had such a great in-depth story to tell that he gave me lots of possibilities. I feel I took full advantage of this and this is shown in the photographs which are the outcome.

I researched all of the suggested photographers which showed me a number of compositional techniques I could use. The photographers listed also work in a variety of media formats from commission art pieces to editorials and documentary pieces. All of which have a variety of different methods are used to create the photographs.

At work is very difficult constraints working with animals as it is difficult to get into focus for long periods of time to control them and get that perfect killer shot. There was time restraints as to how long the dogs could be around for and what the trainers could do with them. There were people on the tour at the time as I did not want to take the dogs always remembers well. I didn’t have long to take photographs but I feel considering the time I had, I did very well and met the requirements.

In the photographs for this piece I did use a mix of artificial (portable flash) and as natural lighting (the sunlight). The creative response worked well showing a range of heights and locations for the photographs.

I used Pinterest to create moodboards in research from different concepts and looking at the different audiences which might be presented to. Pinterest showed to work from editorials, advertisements and demonstrations. Which gave me ideas for what I could do in my work.




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