Evaluation – In the Boardroom

I feel the work that I produced for this brief had a very successful outcome. The photographs to tell the story company it is clear to see that it is a sports company from the props on the table to the setting of the photo shoot being in a sportsground and featuring young energetic individuals. It is creative as it makes the most of the Setting the flash is used well to make server dramatic portraits.

I feel the techniques that are used to take photographs was successful is the photographs come across As candidate and relaxed which is what you would like the business situation to look as though it is. I looked at many examples of photographers who do corporate shoots learn from the way is the composer images and chosen ones which inspire me the most.

I have shown the ability to work any constraints of a difficult environment. In a working office it is hard to interfere too much without causing disruption to the business. It is a lot of preparation Full photo shoot to make sure everything goes smoothly as I do not have a lot of time to do it. Being given that the templates before the photo shoot I had plan what the photographs were going to look like as the text and certain parts such as the shapes of the of the image boxes could not be moved or changed. I Understood the importance of doing a recce before photo shoot to make sure my plans thorough and everything would fit the plan precisely.

But it creates A creative a response to the brief by using at a range of levels from sitting down to standing up holding different items ensuring different emotions in the photographs which may the whole end products look more interesting.

I realise that as it was a sports company it had to show what the company was about the photographs it had to define to the audience what the company was and I did this through the use of the props.

Things I need to be conscious about are how important light meters are so the photographs are not over or under exposed and are correctly lit. Also key to consider is the composition that you were given buyer clients such as the design and layout.  This is so I have a certain plan as to what the photograph should look like so on the day the photo shoot is slick fast and efficient to achieve the product I desire. May seem simple this is good to understand how important is to read the brief I’m not down every detail to make sure it is covered and nothing ‘s missed. Another key aspect is to know exactly the look the client wants for the photographs it would be a huge error if you have to reshoot so if you get it exactly how they wanted first-time that is the best way to have it.

Most importantly it is key to make sure that invoice estimates are made and invoices are tight so that you know the exact costs and you don’t foreshorten anything. This is key your business and as a whole pretty much whole intention for this work.


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