One to One with Julian – feedback and final adjustments

It was really useful to go through with Julian today the work that I have produced for location for both The Boss and The Boardroom briefs. His advice helped me to realise points where I might have slipped up on parts of the photographs and where I can also improve them before hand in. All of this year is a learning process, so it was really good to in a strange way make the mistakes, so that I know in the future where not to slip up.

Things I’ve learned and issues that arose:

  • I had moved the type of the indesign page and it says in the brief that we are not allowed to, so I need to change the type back to the original layout.
  • The intentions for the brief was to make the flash more obvious. Julian wanted it to be impactful with sharp shadows which in some of the images I haven’t done so much. My intentions were to make the flash softer and just to help illuminate the subject better whilst looking natural, but that was not what Julian wanted.
  • I didn’t use a flash metre on the shoot and I should have done. Although it is not essential and some photographers don’t use them, Julian explained that at this moment in time whilst we are still learning, it is key to use a flash metre.
  • The brief says that the photographs have to be of two people (two business executives). In the main photograph I have got three people in the image, so I just need find another from my selected images from the shoot to use instead.
  • I need to review my WordPress and break down each section more with the tabs, so it is more simple for users.
  • I need to do the estimates for the costs of the jobs.
  • I need to do the evaluations for each of the projects.
  • I need to do the final invoice for both the Boss and the Boardroom.



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