Research on Smirnoff Advertisement

The smirnoff adverts have been really influencial to look at. They like Lavazza are very unique at looking at the quirky side of life. Interestingly they really use the cup as the main focal point the photography. They use it to shape how the image looks and how is unique as a piece advertisement. As you can see below they use the bottle to change the background and make into a fantasy fiction piece. These great dinner photoshop in their work and then multiple images to achieve this. My ideas to use the cup as the main focal point image has been influenced by this and I have realised I have to use it as it can be really useful to make the image individual. It is really important in advertising to meet the brand and something that is iconic about the brand be the main part of the piece so that the audience recognise it as that defines the brands. As in the case of Lavazza they use the cup, the coffee cup, to define the branching audience and make it recognisable.



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