Inspiration from Art

In the breif it says to “Research should also broaden to include inspiration and influences both in outside of the world of photography. Look at and analyse fantastical works by photographers & artists such as Philippe Halsman, Hieronymus Bosch, Goya, M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. Investigate films with elaborate sets, fantastical characters and disturbing versions of reality, such as those by Peter Greenaway, Federico Fellini and David Lynch.”

Philippe Hanlsman

A pioneer of surrealism photography, he has very interesting work which although does not touch too deeply into a mythical world such like the sort of thing that I am looking to do. Hanlsman there uses black-and-white and well in these images which is a skilful art, because colour is very key the many surreal images.

This is something therefore that I need to explore to look at some interesting possibilities for my work. I understand that much of the time you can only look at photography and that very much sometimes narrows your thought process down when you can look at many other possibilities.

Hieronymus Bosch

Fifteenth-century painter Hieronymus Bosch does very well encompass what’s the Lavazza project is about. In his work is very forward in futuristic thinking creating some mythical scenes inspired by his thoughts of help and also my and also mythical gardens and worlds. It is almost looking like into a toybox of madness. There are lots of little figures everywhere there’s so much going on and they all seem at such complex world’s. I love this work and his mix of the natural world and people is something which I would like to creating my own work. This is a major stimulus my work. I love Bosch”s use of colour unlike most of the other artists he uses colour to bring the scenes to life it really brings warmth and energy into the whole situation. It breathes life into the images.


I do like the work of Goya. It mixes elements of surrealism with realism and really begins to touch on the sort of thing I want to create. Such as his work that looks at witches. There real humans used but also other elements within the picture are obviously are obviously not real. However I would say that Goya’s work does slightly touching the darker side of mythical stories. Is very much it’s scary situations and the devil evil spirits. I’ve realised from this piece that I  want my piece to look more positive and fruitful and upbeat rather than the look that Goya has to’s paintings.

M.C. Escher


His work is sort of like an optical illusion it’s far too complex too complicated, there is the focal points and really fun advert I think it would be too difficult to look a,t because there’s so much going on, it would be hard to see what’s actually being advertised. For myslef and my personal taste I feel the work is far too complicated and to look at isn’t pleasing which is what I would look for it an advertise meant particularly one of this type. Therefore I think I’m starting to gather an image of what I start to like and what I don’t like so I know what the sort of thing I’m creating should look like.

Salvador Dali

I’m not such a fan of his work with the clocks. It’s just a bit too plain and is really that exciting. I don’t like all of his work but there are few pieces which do you inspire me and I do actually quite like. Such as the elephants with the trombone as the trunk and the butterflies replacing the sales on the tall ship. I like how he uses similar shapes and so replaces elements from natural world with inanimate objects. I also like how Dali in his work stretches nature slightly, by like the elephant paintings elongating their legs. He is the emphasis of some natural colour and the over saturation of it within skys in his paintings which I quite like I would work well to make the skies overly blue and maybe water as well. This would give it that subtle surreal touch.


Overall looking these suggested artists has been really useful. Is really amazing that the elements that I do like in the pictures. The exact and precise elements is maybe the flight details so I can be more definite in my work about what time exactly intend to do and how I can shape this. The key points that I have thought about is that I want to have a mix of a fairytale look without it being dark in atmosphere. I want to enhance natural colour to make it look subtly sureal. Slightly manipulating nature is this sort of target to create my final image. But to use people in it that give it an element of realism.


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