Drawing inspiration from Pinterest

Looking on pinterest and google, I though it would be interesting to see what the world saw as a “Gay Man”. What did a google search engine tell us about what a gay man looked like, what he does and the way he acts.

The results were intersting. On google it was far more sexually explicit. There was a lot of bare flesh and pride flags, where as on pinterest there was still some bare flesh, but it was more orientated towards good looking men who look after their bodies. Men who work out and are pretty. Overall on the google search it was far more camp and afeminate looking men and on the pinterest search is was far more stright and masculine looking men.

One of the issues encountered in the piece is what a burden their sexuality has been to them and how it has affected their mental health, therefore these images when looking at pinterest have shown me how I can represent that and the ways that it has been done before. These ideas are some that I might fuse together looking at them and see new alternatives that can be made from them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.50.07


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