Change of Plan for the topic title

When speaking to Celine and hearing that topic of my documentary photography is done almost every year I went back to the drawing board and decided to revise my idea. So if I change of plan I have decided to look at something which I think will be really interesting. I decided to look at breaking the stereotypes of sexuality. Too many people have the perception that if someone is gay they are camp, over the top, flamboyance I’m just very different. However from my experience most gay man I’d just like anybody else. They can stand in line of people and you find it difficult if impossible to State whether they were the gay person. Therefore I think it would be really interesting to maybe look at one or two people as a character study two document how they think and feel about who they are, coming to terms with that, and their life experiences. I have emailed Celine I’m spoken to her about this change of plan and she thinks it could be really interesting and definitely a better idea.


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