Book Design

I have been thinking about the ways in which I can setup my work. And I want to make it interesting and about the subject topic. As I’m doing character study of somebody in the military I think it would be good to look at presenting it in some sort of military book. So I decided to look on the Internet for old books or manuals which could fit in with the whole RAF/Military. I went onto eBay I found this book BOOK AIR CADET PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT GLIDING 1968 RAF COLLECTOR VINTAGE OLD.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.20.40

Which I think will be ideal to print out the photographs and then stick them onto the pages of the manual. I decided that our use the print shop at University to print the images that I was thinking so I’ll just cut them out and put them in like a diary. I to this inspiration from the work you can see below Julian Germain. I really like the way she presents her work and this is an interesting style for documentary photography. This idea worked very well a emphasizes what the photographs about further, it is good because it doesn’t just place photographs on blank pages and actually makes it means something. Alongside each photograph I would like to make write short handwritten comments and statements to accompany each image, to make them make sense and to add a little extra detail. This could be on pieces of card Rich pages scraps of line paper anything to give  anything to give it a bit more character.

Other documentary photographers and designers I have looked at are (most of which are unknown but I like saw the layout and liked it:

I really want the book to have a feel as if it is part of a photo album. The diary of someone’s life.


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