Environmental portraits and looking at examples – Boss and Boardroom

Here are a number of environmental portraits which inspire me to the style I might create. The individuals look immersed in their job and what they are doing. They have chosen to interesting poses and looks as well as lighting techniques for the photographs which really show off their photography skills and create some stunning photographs.

Photographers which I have looked at are:

Steve Pyke, – http://www.pyke-eye.com – raw and black and white look

Paul Wenham-Clarke, – https://www.wenhamclarke.com/index2.php – more contemporty look

Karsh – http://karsh.org – my favorite – some clean and elegant black and white photographs – some of the most iconic photographs ever taken


Red Saunders – http://www.redsaundersphoto.eu – busy and group photographs which almost have the look of paintings medieval and renaissance oil paintings.

Guglielmo Galvin- http://guglielmogalvin.com – a more contermpory and digital realistic look – composes them well to tell a lot about the the subject.

Brian Duffy – http://duffyphotographer.com – some very good fashion work and intersing angles he takes them in.



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