Lavazza Advert mood board planning

looking at the way in which Lavazza do their adverts I am thinking of using old paintings as a sources of inspiration for the photo shoot as they seem to create the wild fantasy/fairytale worlds which are similar to those in the Lavazza adverts.

The birth of venus by Sandro Botticelli is one painting that I feel could inspire my piece. I like the way in which they are using how pure Venus is coming out of the shell. I feel this could be the coffee cup showing how pure the produce of it is and how good it can make you look.


I am looking at the traditional representations of Venus and her mythical being.

Then also looking at modern representations. To see things that are similar to what I want to go onto create and how other photographers have done so.



Looking at past Lavazza adverts it fits with their style of what they have done previously.

I might look at ways in which I can incorporate other parts of coffee to the photograph such they have here with the spoon.






I like the effect such as has been use here. To photoshop the coffee into the cup or steam coming from it around the girl.

In a kind of Lady of the lake style, as can be seen below.


To add to the mythical nature of the image I would like to add photographs of flowers and ornate natural detailing to the piece. As you can see below there is a beautiful

I would like the background to the whole shoot to incorporate an interesting William Morris Wallpaper design to encase the whole look. This encases the make believe look to it and overall makes it look elegant.


Locations for background scenery which I though could be quite good as they have quite a mythical feel to them. All of the places listed below have old runs in them or building which have been taken over by nature.

Virginia Water Ruins

Highgate Cemetry







Kew Gardens – the gardens and botanical area would create a goof backdrop and also good photographs of flowers to add as detailing to the image.

Hampstead Heath Ponds – the ponds would be an ideal place to photograph the water that the mug could sit in

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