Planning for the Photostory Brief

Although my plan is not 100% certian at the moment I feel I would like to go along the lines of documenting the life day to day of a drag queen. Looking at the preson that they become when they preform. Who they are when the preform and where they see themselves going with it.

Progress review Celine expressed how this had been done many times before and therefore it might be a bit too simple for this project or too over done. I didn;t realise this when I set out to do the project but it appears so, therefore I am going to look at other possibilities but it is an idea which I could work with. I could see it as a challenge to make it differnt to everyone else who has done it before.

Celine suggested that I look at:

  • Freya Vajade – – for their project on what old people wish they could have been.
  • Valentino Quintanio – S&M – she has a project on S&M in london that is very interesting.
  • The book has to be  – 15-20 pages but of course can be more.
  • It is important to consider the design of it as that really will reflect the whole feeling to the piece. The look of it is so very important.

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