Evaluation of photoshoot with a famous person

What Worked 

I think the fact that I had an excellent subject to photograph meant that the photographs came out very well and were full of emotion. The envirnment chosen to photograph the subject in was very fitting and helped to emphasise the job role of the subject. Due to Mary Mac getting ready whilst I was photographing her meant that I could get some really nice candid shots of her which made for a really interesting documentary piece.

What failed

I was not able to get the famous people that I origionally intended to photograph, however it did just mean that I did get a more interesting subject matter to photograph instead. I prefered to photograph Mary Mac and it was actually in a subject matter which I was more interested in photographing. Because I didnt want to disturb her too much whilst she was getting ready for the photographs and wanted natural photographs some of them did come out slightly blurred and did need some sharpening in post. The lighting in the room was not so ideal and the tungston lights were some what quite harsh.

What could be improved in the future

The use of more professional lights could have made the photographs better, and to have directed Mary Mac possibly slightly more to be able to get some more structured images. However in the brief did say to only use the light available and not flash, so this would have not been possible to have been done for this exact brief.


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