Photographing a famous person change of plan.

Following all of this and trying to organise to photograph famous people it has proved very difficult. I contacted Ivan again on Instagram and via text and he explained that although he had let me photograph him before he wasn’t too comfortable with being photographed and he is actually quite a shy person. Will Greenwood was very difficult to get hold of but I will carry on trying to get hold if him because he is between London and his home just outside of Reading. He is a friend of my brothers though so I will keep in contact with him and see what I can do in the future. The trouble he has is that he is that he doesn’t come to the London office much for his business and then also has other commitments, so he was unfortunate the fact that he hasn’t been at the office recently.

However by stroke of luck a friend suggested that I contact a very famous Drag Queen who I mutually know through some friends called Mary Mac who is very famous on the Gay scene in London. I messaged her on facebook and she kindly agreed that she would let me photograph her. We arranged it for a Friday night before her performance at two brewers.


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