Final Evaluation Mono


I feel the main strengths of my mono project were that I generated some very visually good photographs. They fit the instructions of the brief very well and are strong and impactful. The project made me use industry paths for the photoshoot, from sourcing through modeling agencies, to booking equipment and getting in contact with other components needed for a photoshoot such as make-up artists and stylists. The project was a neworking experience for me as well as the model put me in contact with other people at his agency for possible further work. I also had to work in a timed situation such as I would experience in industry to work under pressure to get the shots I needed. This whole experience was the first time that I had done a photoshoot and the whole organization process which is identical to what I would experience in industry. The whole process was a learning curve and really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it made me realize that I am far more capable that I realized in organizing and creating an industry standard photoshoot. I asked more model to come than I realistically needed in the case that some of them didn’t turn up and that also meant that it saved me in the end because one of them called in ill the day before so we had enough models for the day.


One of the lighting set-up that I wanted to do I could not do in the end due to that fact that I had not booked out strong enough lights for one large soft box, so I had to work with what I had at the time and come up with a new lighting setup.

How better will be achieved on new shoot

I would hire out the more powerful set of lights as well so that I could do that other set up that I was not able to do. I possibly would also use more different looking models because one of the models we used I wasn’t keen on using for my photoshoot so he has not been included in some of my photos.

review ppt. in week 1 – make sure dwb contains everything that is key for dwb success


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