Final Evaluation Fanzine


This was not only a very interesting journey with my photography but also through in a personal way. I met some very influential people in the Gay community and heard about their personal stories, but also got advice from them about struggles that I and other may experience. I have made some very good friends in this project through the photography and the many different topics which I covered in it also helped me network.

Through this fanzine I was able to do lots of different types of photography and explore developing my skills in lots of different areas from Landscape photography to Portrait photography and architectural photography.

I was able to photography some people who are very difficult to photography and get hold of. In particular Ivan Massow. He is a very private person and very much dislikes having his photograph taken. I has been speaking to him for weeks to be able to try and get the photoshoot with him. Another one that was very difficult to organize was the photo shoot with the London Titians. One of the only reasons that I was able to get the chance to do a photo shoot with them was because I met the on a night out. They get approached by a lot of media and students for projects because they are the largest and most well known  Gay football team in the country.


Due to amount of topics I wanted to do I was not able to do all of the photoshoots that I planned to do. That was not only due to it being difficult to communicate with the people that I was organizing the photo shoots with such as with the Rugby team the King Cross Stealers because they were quite slow on getting back to me, however I am still working with them and want to do a photoshoot with them anyway at some point.

I do also feel some of the layouts of the could be improved and made more visually interesting. I could have spoken to some of my friends more who do graphic design to improved the visual look of it.

How would you make it better in the future?

Whilst creating the magazine I should have look more at layouts for the fanzine. I should have looked are more different magazines and adapted the layouts that they had so that have used for my magazines to make the whole look to the magazine possible more engaging.

review ppt. in week 1 – make sure dwb contains everything that is key for dwb success


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