Second Progress Check

This is my second progress check for this unit and I just need to review

I am nearly finished with final stages of my fanzine and mono projects. My mono is all put together and ready for submission. I did my final photoshoot for my fanzine earlier in the week and I edited it all which was an interior photo shoot at a friends house in Islington who has recently had it renovated.

I am now looking through the layouts of other magazines and books to see how they are laid out and how they would therefore best suit my magazines.

Everything thing seems to be going on time and well. However due to the slow communication I have not been able to do a photoshoot with the Kings Cross Stealers because it has been very difficult in trying to get hold of them. However they have replied to my last email in the last few days and although due to time constraints I have not been able to photograph them, I would still like to take the opportunity to do a photoshoot with them. The photoshoot could just count as personal work, but is would be a good opportunity still to make use of.


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