Printing My Fanzine

Right for the beginning of finding out about fanzine I was straight on the case for finding a suitable printing company which would close to where I live and would provide a high-quality printing service.

All I did was to put into my google search, printing companies near me and this was the result that I got.


In class I asked my lecturer what would be a fair price to expect it to cost for my magazine to be printed. Matt told me roughly that it would be anywhere between £15-£25 for the magazine to be printed.

A few of the printers on that map only do a minimum of 50 or 100 copies to get printed. Therefore quite a few were ruled out as ones that I could use.

I first of all gave SBS prining a call on the phone and spoke to them about possible options for getting it printed and I was instructed there to send them an email about what I was looking for and when and then they could get back to me with prices and the spec.

here are a copy of the emails below:



Graham at SBS does a lot of printing university students, so knows exactly what sort of thing we would be looking for. He has a print shop also based in the university of Greenwich and provides 10% student discount. However, I did feel that his prices were slightly expensive and I should carry on looking.


Finally, I went to The Colour Company in Canary Wharf. They gave me a price of £26 for one A5 copy and £28 for two. That is with a slightly thicker cover and to protect the pages on the inside. I went a visited them the other day and asked to see some of their work to see if it would be good enough for my fanzine and it was excellent. I also recommended to a few other students in my class that they use them because they are so good which they did. I got the printed with them yesterday and I am really pleased with them. They gave me and extra copy for free and they also gave me a further discount rate on the price of the printing because I had recommended other students to use them.

I am really pleased with how it has turned out and I would recommend the colour company to anyone else looking to use a printing service. It took them only a few hours for them to print it and it is to a really high quality. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Here are they are, I am really pleased with how they have turned out:









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