Revisiting the timeline: the non-narrative structure of non-Hollywood life.

Film Momento

  • non linier narrative – cut up
  • all put into one timeline and you have to piece it all together

Using the film for inspiration

  • looking at the basic rules and how can they be questioned, altered and changed but also have an interesting outcome when it is applied to photography


  • when we measure a moment the moment we measure is gone
  • time is not an object that is fixed and therefore measureable
  • time itself is forever incomplete

Notable academics

  • Henri Bergson – distingused between time as we actaully experiece it, lived time – called ‘real duraation’ (duree reelle) – and the mechanistic time of science
  • time is percieved via a succession of seperate, discrete, spatial constructs – just like when we watch a film.
  • time doesnt always match to how we experience it.
  • Walter Benjamine, on the concept of history

Notable photographer


  • Taryn Siman – living man and declared dead
  •  – photographs of south american families
  • – series of photographs
  • – relations and blank spaces where those who have died or refused to be photographed are not photographed.
  • – there is power behind the blank photographs

The Gaze

  • the gaze comes out of a character crisis
  • that is when you become aware of its structure
  • otherwise you just have a trasnparent look to it

Kathrine Pogson 

  • timeline – non human timelines –
  • Gaia hypothesis –  the theory, put forward by James Lovelock, that living matter on the earth collectively defines and regulates the material conditions necessary for the continuance of life. The planet, or rather the biosphere, is thus likened to a vast self-regulating organism.
  • The doomsday clock
  • Intra-action – “Individual materialize through inta-actions”
  • Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway, 2007
  • The Rhizome – everything could be the middle
  • Heterogeneity – the quality or state of being diverse in character or content.
  • Mulitpilicity – a large number or variety
  • The Anthropocene is a proposed epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems – there is a big debate about when this began
  • The Cyborg Manifesto, 1984 –  the concept of the cyborg is a rejection of rigid boundaries, notably those separating “human” from “animal” and “human” from “machine.” – making of kin – what is the future
  • The companion species manifesto, 2003 – is about the implosion of nature and culture in the joint lives of dogs and people, who are bonded in “significant otherness”.
  • staying with the trouble, 2016


Quoting and referencing

  • check it on – turn it in.
  • Harvard referencing –  check Ravensbourne referencing on moodle







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