Photoshop car advert

These are the two photogtaphs that I am using to put together for the car advert.

Step 1. – I’m opening them up in catpure one and editing them so that they are ready to be edited.

Step 2. – export them into photoshop.

Step 3. – cut around the car

Step 4 – feather the edges of thr car to 0.5-2 pixles to make the edges less harsh.

Step 5 – paste the car onto the landscpae

Step 6 – make the car a “smart object”

Step 7 – match the apperance of the two images, so they sit well together.

This is the rough final image that I produced. Obviously with more time and care th image could be better, but this is just an inital learning exercise.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.27.46.png




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