Taylor Wessing Exhibition


Going to the Taylor Wessing exhibition was a really interesting incite into the next generation of photographers and as it is portrature, it is the type of photography that I would like to go into so it has also inspired me.

Although you can think that portrature can just be very simple and that it is very mundame to just see the same kind of photographs of people in a gallery exhibition, it clearly isn’t when you go to the Taylor Wessing Exhibition. The photographers shown there have been able to capture the key element of taking a portrait photograph, which is to make the viewer feel the emotion and atmosphere of the individual in the portrait.

It was also a good to see diveristy within the photographs that were picked to be exhibited. There was a real mix of culture, races and sexualities shown in the exhibition which I feel is very important as therefore it engages some much wider audiences. The way in which there were many series of photographs which told a story and you could really see the depth into which the photographers had gone to to achieve their work, such as Claudio Rasano’s work entitled “Similar Uniforms: We Refuse to Compare.”

However one thing that I do feel the exhibition did fail to show as much is the fact that most of the winning photographs looked very studio based and were location portraits where very short of. I feel sometimes that studio photographs can be all too easy because it is such a controlled environement and it doesn’t show that depth of skill or hard research into finding the correct timing and location. However of those featured, Joni Sternbach’s location work had a really nice rustic feel to it that not only shows photographic skills but an excellent artistic eye.








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