Location Photography – Class 10th Feb

We began the class by looking through the photographs that we had taken for the task two homework. Which were the photographs that I have previously uplaoded as the day and night shoot of a staranger that we didn’t know.

From the photographs that I took the tips I learned were:


  • Shutter speed controls – ambient light
  • Aperture controls – flash
  • One the camera change the focus from on the same button as taking the photograph to then another button on the camera that you can use with your thumb.
  • In the day time photograph the image on the face was slightly over exposed by one f.stop
  • I wanted the dog to be a focal point of the photograph too and therefore Julian suggested that I could have taken a differnt angle to take the photograph.
  • However it did look well that it kind of came across with a Martin Parr style.
  • In the second photograph the ambient light is not strong enough, so I needed to take a little more time, even though there were time pressures because of the nature of the photographs.

A very good place to go for Photojournalism and Documentary Photography is the Perpignan Festival in France : http://www.visapourlimage.com/index.do;jsessionid=veTbdOc2wys8qiNGb7voV+Q3


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