Interviewing Ivan

One of the targets for this project was to include some big figures for the fanzine. One of those was Ivan Massow who is a entreprenure, Politician and Actvist. I did not think that I would have been able to interview him for this but I thought I would take a shot and messge him on instagram and see what he said. To begin with he said that he wasm’t in London at the moment and that he might not have the time to see me for an interview, so i said that if he was this way that it would be great to meet for an interview.

I then left it for a while and last week I messged him asking if he would be at all in the direction of being in London and it turned out that a few days later thst he would be. I orgainsed to meet him one evening for coffee in Soho and the interview when really well.

I don’t know exactly what I expected Ivan to be like, but I did feel that he would be confient and a really easy person to talk to. However he came across as a really quite and shy individual. The photographs that I have taken were n0t of the best quality because I didn’t want to take too long over it and also I discovered that he didn’t like having his photogrph taken. However before I had researched and made a moodboard in my mind from searches on google for what the photographs might look like. For exaple the search screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 17.11.29.png

As we were meeting in Soho I wanted to take in the atmostphere slightly in the photographs becuase that area had been a part of London for Ivan where much of his life and career had been close to.

Speaking to him about the intentions for my magazine:

I spoke to Ivan about what my magazine is about and my intentions for it. I said that I saw a “gap in the market”. However he unfortunatly said that that gap had already tried to be filled. He had been part of a team trying to do the same as I am but they just had not been successful. The reasons were simple.

  • If gay men want a non sexualised magazine they wuill chose something like Men’s Health or GQ.
  • If they want a sexualised magazine they will pick up something like GT or go to porn.

He explained to me that Gay men have that choice and there isn’t a market for that. I completely understand that but regardless of that I still feel there is a somewhat need for a small market for that sort of thing, maybe not to the masses but it is still something that would be of interest.









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