Further informantion that need for non sexualised gay magazines may be a small market.

By conincidence in the book that I am reading which I have previously mentioned in this blog, in the part I have just read to in it, it mentions about how non sexualised gay magazines don’t sell. Below I have highlighted extracts from the book which evidence that.

I completely understand the argument being made. When I spoke to Ivan he mentioned about how to begin with the biggest gay magazine Attitude was very non-sexualised and was tying to be targeted at a stright acting gay market. However overtime it has gravitated to becomeing more about sex because realisticially that is what sells. The sexual, topless and naked issues sell far more that any other issues that are produced and that is fact. The magazine is a business and as a business the main target is to produce something that will sell the most, therefore due to consumers the content of the magzine has been forced to change in order to increase its revenue and success.





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