Tutorial with Julian

The first one to one tutorial with Julian went really well. I gave him a quick overview on how I am doing so far and what I have achieved and also what I have lined up for the next few weeks. He was happy with how I am doing. I also discussed with him about my mono shoot which I did a few days ago. We just briefly discussed about how it went and where to go from now.

Things to do:

  • Upload my Flat plan sketch for my fanzine
  • Include a mission statement for my fanzine which can be next to the contents page of the magazine, which in somewhat amount of detail should just give a good ground for the intentions of the fanzine and what has been achieved by it.
  • Although I have looked at a lot of magazines targeted at a Gay audience Julian also suggested that I analyze some regular lifestyle magazines as well to add to my research.
  • Julian suggested visiting Kiosk café – in Paddington because it is a really good magazine shop/cafe which has magazines from all over the world which regular newsagents might not stock and it would be interesting to see what they have there that might help the development of my fanzine.
  • One other thing that has happened is that the layout of the mono has changed. This has only slightly changed and it is only that the font of the text has changed, so it just means that I need to change the photographs that I thought were finished. This can happen in industry, so it is important that we have this experience come up in our work when on the course.

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