• signs, symbols and signification
  • just one way we can analyse things we are interested in.
  • Other tools previously – psychoanalysis – but not emotional
  • images are not just there – there is a meaning to the work
  • meanings are historically and culturally determined

Semiotics – study of signs


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Signifier            Signified

Signifier – T-A-B-L-E

Signified – what you know to be a Table

  • Language is a code that secures reality


Denotation – meaning of the word

Connotationtion – the idea or feeling which is invoked or associated with something

Codes of Photography

  • smile
  • aperture – depth of field
  • composition – from painters
  • black and white or colour

example – Instagram

  • cultural production
  • skills and conventions to be made from it
  • measurement on follower and likes – becomes cultural capital
  • acquiring a resonance and persona to peers and the world.
  • types – casual, professional, design
  • illusion of reality and realness

The Symbolic Order

Advertisement – Adama and Eve – the apple – temptation – desire

Noted author – Liz Wells

Methods and Techniques of Persuasion in Advertisement

  • visually staged products
  • brand familiarity
  • positive association
  • share cultural values
  • metaphor
  • metonym (standing in for a category)
  • stereotypes
  • sex

Exploring and Analysing Adverts 

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 11.34.15.png







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