Preparation for the shoot

Now that the photo shoot is just one day away I think its a good idea just to post about the other parts of preparation that we have been doing.

Three weeks ago we booked out the equipment that we would need for the CLR and also made a list of other things we would need. Below is a photograph of the equipment that we have hired for the CLR.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 22.57.57.png

We have also said that we will need:

  • camera
  • hot shoe adapter
  • clothing for the models
  • makeup artist
  • stylist
  • playlist of songs – probably on Spotify to relax the model and us as well.
  • food – some snacks for the models to make sure they are happy and comfortable.


Risk Assesment 

Lighting kits

  • The lights can get very hot so it is important to not touch them whilst on and give the time to cool down after.
  • It is important not to look directly into the lights .
  • We will be working with electricity, so don’t touch and sockets whilst on and make sure not cables are exposed.
  • Made sure that wires are placed carefully so to avoid trip hazards.


Makeup artist

  • Alicia Ryalls-Payne is going to be our makeup artist. She has has had a lot of experience in makeup work and does freelance jobs as a makeup artist.


  • We are collaborating with Fashion Student Jess Hiron as she has agreed to be our stylist. She has a keen interest in men’s fashion and becoming more familiar with it.


We have asked the models to bring their own clothes. The list given to them is as follows

  • leather jacket
  • bomber jacket
  • black suit
  • white shirt
  • patterned shirts






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