Searching for Models

Due to the fact that the modeling agency we got offered models from wanted money for the expenses for the models we decided to take a different route to models. I took to facebook and joined a number of modeling agency groups and put out this post:

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 19.11.54.png

It was very successful and I have had a number of responses and lots of people privately message me about modeling for the shoot. I also messaged a few of the models that I saw on the site to ask if they would model for me.

Here are the models who I have organised for my mono shoot.




I have organized for three models to come because ideally we need two so that there are a few different options for the look for the cover of the magazine. However having three means that there is a backup for if one of them doesn’t turn up. Also there is a varied age in them so that if the magazine producers decide that one look of age is more appropriate they can use that.


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