Person at Work

This week’s documentary task was to:


In your time between the next lesson you need to research and find someone to take an environmental portrait of a ‘Person at work’. It can be anyone who does any kind of job, but think of someone who does something, that will be interesting to photograph. So no office-based jobs!

  • They must be a stranger to you.
  • Show them in their environment, use the background to help tell the story – it’s just as important as the subject.
  • You can shoot as many images as you like, with any camera and lens.
  • Only use natural available light, so no flash.
  • Edit your pictures down to one final image, no retouching (except slight levels and contrast balance).

Here is the outcome of that exercise:


There is foreground parts to the shot which then lead up to the subject to help build the story. There is enough in the shot for it to show what is needed. It looks relaxed, ustaged and natural which is what documentary work should do.


I did this again in another location to show another serario for the task. I feel this one worked better because the composition looks more pleasing to the eye. However what could be made better is that becuase it was indoors it was dark and therefore in post I had to lighten the image. This has made the image slightly noisey. In future I should have tried to changed the f.stop or put it on a longer exposure.




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