Types of Street Photography

Watching these two videos of two alternative ways that street photography is taken.



Bruce Gilden uses a very violent technique for his street photography. He is very invasive and aggressive in the way he takes his photographs. He gets right up in the subjects faces and walks in the opposite direction to the way the pedestrians are moving so he can spot the faces first.

In-Public: In Sight Street Photography Documentary – I feel the style in the piece is a lot better. It is more subtle and therefore the view of the subjects is far more relaxed and natural. I like it as well because with my photography I don’t like to be too invasive and intrusive and just let the subject act naturally as I feel it creates a better photography.

Think about how you will tackle this type of photography and what is it that you might be interested in?

I think when I first go out I will be shy to take the photographs but once I get into it I will be more confident to take the photographs

Photograph to notes

Henri Cartier Bresson,

Robert Frank,

Garry Winogrand,


Joel Meyerowitz,

William Klein,


Elliott Erwitt,

Saul Leiter


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