Documentary Photography

Lecturer – Celine Marchbank –

Mainly photo stories – you can be abstract and build up a story over a number of pictures. It doesn’t have to be over one photograph. It doesn’t have to be one photograph.

Major project for this module – photograph an event – at Easter

  • 15-30 image photostory
  • has to be printed in a professional format
  • you will have a group tutorial

Ideas so far

  • protest – looking at organised marches in London
  • swimmers of Hampstead heath pools
  • pearly people of London
  • Alzheimers
  • the rugby club
  • being 106

Key Items for a photostory

  • establishing shop
  • action shot
  • portrait
  • detail shot

Photographers to look at

  • Martin Parr
  • Paul Graham – A1, troubled land
  • Zed Nelson – guns in America
  • Alec Soth
  • Peter Dench
  • Antone Bruy
  • John Tonks
  • Spencer Murphy
  • Mischa Haller
  • Andy Burman

Afternoon Task

This afternoon we were set a photographic task.

  1. Capture one photograph that sums up being a student
  2. Photograph the person you worked with a good backdrop outside
  3. Photograph a stranger





3. IMG_8308.jpg




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