Practice in Context 18/01/2017

Practice in Context

Periphery Vision – selects images -> it selects colors -> it then selects other things and goes deeper into it

Everyone is a photographer – craft vs technology

  • 40,000,000,000 photographs shared on Instagram
  • 95 million to Instagram a day
  • photography is becoming too much of a meaningless commodity
  • it’s about the process and the craft

Before digital Photography

  • the professional
  • the amateur
  • the artist

Photographers to note

  • Ian Ruhter – wet plate photography – creating artefacts
  • Guy Paterson – Photogram on silver gelatine paper
  • Daniel Coburn – Salted Paper Process
  • GMUNK – full spectrum – infrared and ultra violet
  • 3D modelling – virtual worlds – all about the way it is lit – new employability
  • Thomas Struth – Audience 5 (Gallerria Dell Accademia) Florence

Why are filters on social media trying to make things look old? – more emotion?

Criticism – it isn’t TripAdvisor

What is the form of the lie? – Claudia Angelmair – ‘Betty” – Gahard Richter painting the other side – works on paper

There is a hierarchy in Creativity – some photographs are good but too generic

What other options are there out there? – Critical thinking – having a 360-degree view on the practice – all elements – in your own work – do that with a client – apprehend why they might not like it.

Photography about the evidence

Photography originally was mimicking painting –

The Tate did not have photographs until the 1990s – it was not considered an art form

Painting is not mimicking

Social Documentary Photographers


  • Air pollution in China
  • The Greening of Greenland – becoming a positive from global warming – the other side to the story – a false truth
  • Boulevard du Temple, Louis Daguerre – first photograph of a person
  • the industrial revolution gave a revolution to photography
  • Daguerreotype portraits, Gustav Oehme – 1843
  • photographs originally were very private and intimate and the rich would not share them with many others. Paintings could be share but not others
  • 1855 – shadow of the valley of death – Crimean war
  • View on the Sea – The Cloudy Sky, Gustave Le Gray
  • Lewis Hine – 1905 – photographing industry in the industrial revolution
  • The Steerage, Alfred Stieglitz – 1907 – modernist the separation of classes
  • Young Farmers on Their to a Dance, August Sander, 1913 – social documentary – who are we today
  •  Blind, Paul Strand, 1917 – the inspiration for Walker Evans
  • Meudon, Andre Kertesz
  • new topographics photographs – twenty six gasoline stations, Edward Ruscha 1963
  • Garry Winogrand – American Leigon Convention
  • Colorado Springs, Robert Adams, 1968
  • David Lynch photography
  • Diane Arbus 1969 – series on families
  • 1969-95 – Blast Furnaces – Bernd & Hilda Becher

Modernism is about scociety

Post modernism is about the individuals within scociety

Three Political Photographs that were pivotal to the development of today.

  • Vietnam War – the first time the reality of war was broadcast to the public freely and opinion could mold it. The first time war wasn’t dictated by official state media – capture in colour – made it real and relatable.
  • Apartheid/Civil Rights Photography – the biggest movement in equality ever. These photographs capture the fighting of humans against each other over something that does not make us different; we are all human and being black or white should not be an issue.


  • Holocaust Photography – capture something to prove the reality of something that would otherwise be said to be unbelievable because of the vile, evil, brutality that took place. These crimes against humanity are so horrendous that they are almost unbelieveable and unimagineable without these photographs.





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