Photoshoot for the sports section

I have been aware that London has a few gay rugby and football clubs but I had not heard too much about them. I feel though that they would be a great addition to my magazine and if I would be able to feature them my magazine it would really boost the status of it and also show the hard work that I am putting into it.

On a night out I met some guys from the gay London football club The London Titians. I recently contacted them about the possibility of doing a photoshoot with them and they very kindly agreed. I have organised with them to go and photograph one of their training sessions and do a short interview for some quotes from my magazine. I was very lucky to get this as they are approached a lot by the media for work.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 14.07.19.png

I have also contacted the Kings Cross Stealers RFC, the first all inclusive gay rugby club ib London in hope of being able to do a photoshoot with them as well, however I have not been so successful there. I am going to carry on trying to contact though because I feel that would also be a great addition to my magazine as well.





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