Digital Darkroom – 17th January


Intro – 20-minute video – the short history of photography

The making of an image is not just in the camera and finishing it off is in the Darkroom/Digital Darkroom

Capture One Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom are the main pieces of software that are used within the industry and by using them is preparing us for that.

Mapping the industry

  • where did photoshop come from? – developed before digital cameras had become massive
  • being in photography is a completely self-motivated industry
  • you have to find that stuff on your journey yourselves
  • it is paramount to shoot your own work


  • push your tech and artistic skills
  • learn capture one pro and photoshop
  • What do I have to do to make this better?
  • be confident with software and hardware
  • learn and work with/from the different formats, magazine, forums, websites, manuals and the world around you
  • don’t be afraid to ask
  • never make assumptions
  • be professional
  • always use raw files
  • always use QP cards


  • be creative
  • motivation has to come from yourself
  • look on Instagram, flicker, Pinterest, film etc.


  • gain confidence through the set tasks, explore and expand
  • manage DP through capture one and photoshop
  • understand the time needed for problem-solving
  • archive and manage images
  • back up
  • enjoy it
  • always have a good portfolio, after the three years you are only as good as your portfolio

Being a student

  • Make the most of being a student
  • stress that you don’t have the budget
  • Many people will be more prepared to help you if that is the case

Additional Stuff

  • look at lots of video tutorials
  • youtube
  • webinars
  • bookmark or make a folder of useful stuff – eg. Digital Darkroom
  • changing the calibration of the screen to what you are using – go onto about my mac and then onto the display and you can change it for what you are using your mac for.
  • It is recommended that you calibrate your display also every 4-5 weeks – this is so you get the most accurate colour setting for a client.
  • Google Nik Collection – preset effects for photoshop – as a filter plugin
  • graphics tablet – Wacom graphics tablet
  • SuperDuper – helps to back up
  • Disk warrior – sorts out your hard drive
  • Clean my mac

People to look at – digital retouchers

  • smoke and mirrors – soho
  • recom framhouse



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