Content of the Magazine

The sections of the magazine I have decided on:

  • fashion
  • being different
  • art and design
  • fashion
  • travel
  • politics
  • interior design and property

Finding material for these sections

  • For the fashion section I am sure I can find a gay friend or two who will model for that part of it
  • For the being different section my friend Matt will feature. He as really struggled coming to terms with being gay. Mainly in his work life he has found it very hard and that has impacted big time on his personal life. The photoshoot that I have done with him reflects his want for anonymity in his life for being who he really is.
  • For the art and design section my friend Andrew knows a gallery owner in Soho who has lots of cool and impressive work that I could use for that.
  • For travel section I want to go to and have been to a few places within the UK to show as places for short breaks. I’m aiming for one city break and one rural break.
  • For the politics section I want to photograph a gay politician. I am currently talking in contact with one but they are not in London for a while.
  • For Interior design and property my friend Andrew and I have a friend who has had their house renovated in Islington, so that should be a good feature for that part to the magazine.







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