Researching the Market

Looking at the current market of popular gay magazines many men may not feel comfortable picking up a copy of a magazine wich is plastered in photographs of half-naked men or even fully naked men with their modesty covered.

Although there is nothing wrong with these covers but they are obviously very suggestive and somewhat provocative. However Attitude magazine has been the leading gay magazine for quite a while as such that it has featured the biggest names and most influential people of the time. The first interview of a serving Prime Minister was given by Tony Blaire in 2005 and also featured David Cameron on the cover in February 2010. In July 2016 the magazine made major ground when Prince William became the first memeber of the British Royal family to feature on the cover of the magazine and “openly comdemned bullying of the gay community”. The magazine has been able to raise awareness of many different issues within the gay community and covered the progession that is being made.






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