Reverse Engineering location photographs

In as an introduction to location photography we were first of all set and exercise to reverse engineer location photographs. This is to aid our understanding of how a few professional photographs.

The first photograph on the left with the boys on the bikes there is a bright light from behind them and to the right. There are tungsten lights above them. There is also a light from the front and to the left which is lighting their faces, mainly the boys on the left as the boys on the right are in slight shadow. This was a cold day so there was no heat and now power so you can’t charge anything. You need to be dressed appropriately and so do the models.

The second photograph is lit from the front left of Paul Smith as on the chair. This was shot with a Metz 45 flashgun, taking about 35 frames with two different setups.


The third photograph shows how you have to change the image for the mood and the models to capture this in the image to make it individual and different. Office workers might want a harsh photograph with some serious mood. Most offices are bleak and uninteresting, therefore it is important to pick an interesting feature of the office which in this case was the light fitting.


The fourth photograph where the female opera singer in Covent Garden. Problems faced by the photographer are that there is a glass wall behind the model, so need to avoid glare. The light is coming from above and to the left of her. Other problems are that there is a metal bar behind here so there is no glare from that. It was shot on a Hassel blad 6×6.



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