Ideas for My Fanzine

Since getting the brief for the project I have left it going around in my head about what I could do for it. Then towards the end of last term before we finished for Christmas I realised what it was that I should do for it. I first of all thought that I should do something that I definitely believe in and can really put some passion into and know a fair bit about. Therefore when the idea came to me I just knew it was the right one. I have decided to try to create a gay men’s lifestyle magazine for the kind of man who doesn’t want the over sexualised and explicit magazines that are largely on offer to gay men. A less provocative and more GQ style men’s magazine for the more straight-acting gay man.

I will continue to document my ideas for the magazine and update on how I am doing with it but I am really excited about how it is going to turn out and the possibilities for it. I can already use a number of photo shoots that I did across the Christmas break for it and I am also currently in contact with a number of people as well to do photo-shoot for the magazine. I feel there really is a gap in the market for this type of magazine.



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