Capture One 10 Introduction

These are the notes made in class about capture one:

Capture One – created by Phase One, a company who developed digital camera backs

  • More universal image processor

DAM – (digital asset manager) – sorting out images

Raw Processor

Colour Workflow

What makes a difference

  • Alternatives – light room, aperture, camera raw
  • The way that capture one manages colours
  • Similar to graphic design and printing
  • Colour profile which is international standard
  • Adobe profiles are not international
  • It was designed as a software for a chain of processes

Raw image – unprocessed image – just a series of 1’s and 0’s


  • Make sure you maintain your mac
  • Search disk – run through it to make sure it keep safe and runs well.
  • Best thing to do is to keep all data off mac
  • Store stuff on personal hard drives
  • Keeps your mac moving smoothly

Hard drive

  • They are not solid state, so do not pick them up when they are working


Useful equipment for editing

  • Graphics tablet
  • A good mouse
  • Trackball


Recommended set ups


  • SSD – solid state drives
  • External – drive speed 7200 rpm
  • Usb 3.0 or thunderbolt


  • Timemachine
  • Carbon copy cloner
  • Super duper
  • Chrono sync

Cloud Storage

  • Back blaze – $5 a month a is unlimited storage – IMPORTANT
  • Dropbox


Online Tutorials


  • Adobe Photoshop for photographers by Martin Evening

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