Addition reading towards My magazine

Many of the people reading this magazine will have struggled with their sexuality and coming to terms with it. Many straight acting men struggle to come to terms with the fact that they are gay because in reality they are not perceived to be gay by any of the people that know them.  Many of these men will also have little or no gay friends because they are into more masculine things that many more straight men are into.

One of the biggest parts for a lot of people being gay is talking about their struggles and how they have felt they couldn’t be themselves for fear of judgement in a negative way by any friends or family or maybe just any stranger in the street.


This book, Stright Jacket by Matthew Todd is classed as an essential read for any gay man to understand the way gay men act and to realise the reason why they do certain things. I am only on the seventh chapter, but so far it has made me realise why some men are so destructive in relationships and why some men have little care for themselves and push themselves into addictions as a coping strategy. Furthermore it has taught me why there is such a promiscuous nature to some men because there is no need to settle. Of course there is nothing wrong we doing that and it is completely up to you what you chose to do.  But for so many men they stuggle with that way of life and this book very explains the way things and is aiding me to create this magazine as background reading.





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