Context in Practice

Our first class was establishing the importance of knowing the context of photography, the theory and understanding the influences for/of photographs.

Beginning with a starter exercise:

Tinder Exercise – understanding what you do and don’t like. Importantly what you don’t like because too often you write off things that you don’t like and you don’t understand why – swiping left and right as a class to choose which photographs and photographers we like and therefore note down the ones we like which we could use for influential work in the future.

Photographers to take note of

  • Bill Henson
  • Kirsty Mitchell
  • Tim Laman
  • Brandon Stilton
  • Edward Burntinsky


Next we just examined the brief we were being set: 


  • 8th Feb – formative assessment
  • 1000-1500 words research text with timeline and bibliography – with visuals
  • Linked to you practical work
  • Analyse a photograph – what might influence it – could be fine art
  • Something that you want to culturally unpick
  • Connections back into what you want to do.
  • Dynamic timeline of key events in your field – the response to it
  • Online timeline generator –
  • All needs to be in one pdf
  • Bibliography – in Rave Harvard ref form
  • Formative – test ideas – presentation – some slides for what we think so far

Task 2 – Three photographers who were revolutionary

  • William Eggleston – poetic with colour in photographs
  • Ansel Adams – vivid emotional landscapes
  • Russell Kirsch – first digital image sensor



In the essay – Why and how – avoid quite

  • There are so many different elements and subjects that can influence you


Library – talk from the Library about its resources and usefulness.

  • The London Picture Archive
  • Getty image gallery
  • Dawsonera
  • Screen daily – online magazine access
  • Kanopy – achieve of films
  • Ref me – copy and paste url – easy ref
  • Jstor – arts and fashion based
  • Bob – television online







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