Contacting Modeling Agencies

For this project we have to approach modeling agencies for the models for the photo shoot and we are not allowed to use just friends or other people we know. This is to allow us to understand the struggles and reality of working in the industry. Also as students we don’t have much of a budget for the photoshoot, if anything at all, therefore we have to ask for development models that we can use that will work for free and in return we can provide them with photographs that will help to build up their portfolios. We are aiming to ask four models because we do not want them not to turn up, so we need to be safe and know we definitely have enough coming and if all of them turn up then that is an added bonus.

I have rung around and also email when I spoke to them and they asked me to email instead,  many agencies so far including:

  • established models
  • elite models
  • next models
  • bma models
  • base models
  • oxygen models

I have been sent a selection of models from established models:

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 13.35.20.png

To which my partner that I am in a pair with decided that we would like to use Dexter Free and Matthew Ward, so we are just waiting for a reply for the modeling agency. I did give them a ring yesterday as a follow-up but they are still waiting to hear back from the models.

We have booked the equipment for the CLR at Ravensbourne to collect on the day of the photoshoot at 9:00 am for the photoshoot which takes place in the afternoon. My friend Cat who I am partnered with is currently in contact with a makeup artist but if not my friend Alicia is a backup in case the other one can’t make it.


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