The Abandoned House

I carried on my photography at home when I went back for Christmas. Near where I live there is an old abandoned house. I always see it when I go and take the dog for a walk. I could always see two chimneys poking out from within the tree in the distance, so I decided that I was going to explore it. On boxing day which was a really cold morning, I decided to go and explore this old building and see what I could find. To my surprise it was an amazing old abandoned house which also had an old dumping yard near it.

The photographs I produced I feel are cold but have some great character. The damage in the images enhances the character of them, from the fragments of sawdust in the house, the decaying wooden frames. That added detail enhances the look of the photographs and makes it yet more interesting to the viewer.

In this photo shoot not only have I produced some photographs which I am really pleased with, but I have also found a really goof location for my photography in the future that I could use.

Below is a contact sheet from the work of the best photo and then the ones I chose (highlighted)

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 13.14.30.png



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